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Septic System Inspections
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Omnispect Home Inspection Services will try to find the installation plans for the EDA (Effluent Disposal Area), “leach field” from the owner, town hall, Realtor and buyer. This information will tell us if everything was installed properly, location of the EDA and how many bedrooms there are.

What is inspected?
When inside the home, Omnispect Home Inspection Services will check for a garbage disposal, if there is a filtration system, and where do they discharge into. Bob will also check to see if all of the drains go to the septic system.

88532J R. MacDonald NH Septic Evaluator
Bob will then locate and steak out the tank and find the exit cover (if possible). If not, he will open the center cover to inspect the tank internals for the proper water level. He will also inspect both baffles, check the tank sludge, grease and the health of the water. I’ll recommend pumping the tank if needed.
Next, Bob will size the tank for how many gallons it is and recommend risers if needed. Then, he will locate the EDA and dig 1-3 holes to see where the water level is in the field. If the first hole has water, he will dig to the bottom of the EDA and let the buyer know where it is in its life expectancy. This will be based on age and house conditions (empty/occupied). Then Bob will rate the EDA in good, fair, poor or failed condition and make any recommendations if needed.
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Bonus: If Omnispect can get a copy of the septic design, we will discount $50 off the septic price for the plans.